Glass In The Park

So The Arena event is open. You definitely should pay a visit and see.



59 - White

Here is what I’m wearing:
Helmet: DPD – Ragnarok Helm [Epic] Flight (Available @The Arena)
Mask: :ENIGMA: – Duelist Mask Brown Rebel (Available @The Arena)
Pauldrons: Luas – Markus Pauldrons (Available @The Arena)
Shoulder Dragon: Yasum – Shoulder Dragon (Available @The Arena)
Belt: PFC – Champion (Available @The Arena)
Bracer: PFC – Champion (Available @The Arena)
Gloves: MempaMale – RED Leather Gloves (Available @The Arena)
Cape: Snatched – Rarius
Pans: Luas – Markus (Available @The Arena)
Boots: {KD} Kahli Designs – Baldrick
Shield: .Keystone. & [CONQUEST] – Viking’s Parma – Scratched (Available @The Arena)
Axe: LR – Neyven Axe
Pose: PredisPOSED – Arena 4 (Available @The Arena)
Tattoo: DATUM – Dusk To Dawn


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